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                Psychic Astrologer Specialist

Find The Meaning of Your Story In Life!

Past Clientelle Are Proof- We All Have A Place In The Journey. We Decide What Role We Fulfill In That 



I want to continue to bring the story forward through the connection with more profound levels of thinking that enhance and provoke the minds. From exceptional thinkers to challenge the roles, they do play within their daily lives.

​Isaiah Donell Reed

The prophetic psychic ability is an advanced skill through the development of tools with the focus on skillfully displaying the seers' gift. The act of Prophecy as a term is handling one's abilities, skillfully, and masterfully.


Welcome Everyone!!

Isaiah Isaac Message

Important Message Please Read Carefully: *Virgin Psychic Channel does not target kids as an audience; however, not restricted for viewing by such audiences unless further indicated.

The Virgin Psychic Channel on YouTube and onto the external platforms such as websites, social media outlets, etc., anyone to access Isaiah Isaac's services, the requestee must be the age 18 and up. Although I have worked with teens accompanied by a parent and guardian, or the participating adults, I have sat in place of their kid(s) and teen(s), which in turn I skillfully delivered my psychic services.